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Bluelight Blocking LED Tube Desk Lamp with Wireless Rechargeable Upgraded Version

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Bluelight Blocking LED Tube Desk Lamp with Wireless Rechargeable Upgraded Version

Introducing the Bluelight Blocking LED Tube Desk Lamp with Wireless Rechargeable Upgraded Version, the perfect solution for reducing eye strain and enhancing productivity during long hours of work or study. This innovative desk lamp is designed to provide a comfortable and healthy lighting environment, while also offering the convenience of wireless recharging.

Featuring advanced bluelight blocking technology, this desk lamp helps to minimize the harmful effects of blue light emitted from digital screens, reducing eye fatigue and promoting better sleep quality. The adjustable brightness and color temperature settings allow you to customize the lighting to suit your specific needs, whether you’re working on a project, reading, or simply relaxing.

    Application Scenarios

    Product advantage

    The upgraded version of this desk lamp comes with a wireless rechargeable feature, eliminating the hassle of dealing with tangled cords and providing the freedom to place the lamp anywhere on your desk without being limited by the proximity of power outlets. With a long-lasting battery life, you can enjoy uninterrupted illumination for extended periods without the need for frequent recharging.
    The sleek and modern design of the LED tube desk lamp adds a touch of sophistication to any workspace, while its compact size makes it ideal for small desks or workstations. The flexible gooseneck design allows for easy adjustment of the light angle, ensuring that you can direct the illumination exactly where you need it.
    Whether you’re a student, professional, or anyone who spends long hours in front of a computer, the Bluelight Blocking LED Tube Desk Lamp with Wireless Rechargeable Upgraded Version is a must-have accessory for promoting eye comfort and overall well-being. Say goodbye to eye strain and hello to a more comfortable and productive work environment with this cutting-edge desk lamp.

    Product Introduction

    The LED lamp tube connected and fixed on the pole by the magnet, very easy installation or sparately.
    The switch on/off on the tube end and power recharge also on the other end.
    The tube recharge adapted the ordinary the TYPE-C completed the world standard.
    When you need take off the tube from the lamp base.


    1 The LED tube lamp could sparately from the pole.
    2 Recharge the tube need 6 hours.
    3 The mobile phone could side by side watch and recharge power.
    4 The lamp easy disassembly and portability.
    5 Save the energy, of course all the LEDs light sourse are complete Green and Low-Carbon lifestyle.
    6 Sunview self production LEDs that have correct color temperature that could protect your vision .



    The LED tube table lamp could as you reading light and take off as your search lamp.
    And turn the tube the lighting could as your living room backlight.
    Rechargeable you mobile photo.


    Color White/Black/Siliver/Rose Gold/Champagne
    Material Brand new Steel + ABS shell
    Light Source SMD2835 0.2W 36pcs
    Power 7W ( including driver )
    CCT WC 2800-3200K
    Neutural 3800-4200K
    Cool 6000-6500K
    Dimmer 3 level
    Max Lux 320Lux
    CRI >85
    USB out put DC/5V/2A
    Battery Li 1800 AmH
    Base Wirless rechargable 10W
    Color Box 378*26*62mm
    Pacage Carton 44.5*40*20cm (15pcs)


    TL-01 (11)fhzTL-01 (12)5cwTL-01 (13)6kc
    TL-01 (14)tnuTL-01 (15)9l9




    1 What certification with the table lamp ?
    CE and RoHS.
    2 Can you provide the relevant documentation ?
    CE and RoHS certification
    3 How many the MOQ ?
    MOQ is 1000pcs.
    4 What is the average lead time ?
    Lead time need 2 month.

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