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2024 Interior Lighting Design Trends


Lighting is the most important and indispensable part of a building, affecting the atmosphere of the entire space and the visual comfort of residents. With the rapid development of technology, people have increasingly high requirements for indoor lighting, and the types of lighting products are becoming more diverse. Light is not only lighting, but also a language for creating atmosphere and conveying emotions. The perception of light by lighting designers has also changed.

In 2024, the development of indoor lighting design has also ushered in new changes.

What kind of development trends will there be?

Let's take a look together!

01. Intelligent lighting and technological innovation

In 2024, intelligent lighting is the largest development trend in the lighting design industry. Nowadays, people pursue a comfortable and convenient living environment. Through advanced lighting control systems, intelligent lighting can automatically adjust brightness and color temperature according to changes in indoor and outdoor environments, human activities, and emotional states, creating a comfortable and natural atmosphere.

As people's demand for smart homes continues to increase, the market demand for smart lighting products will also gradually expand. Therefore, smart home lighting enterprises should seize this opportunity, actively develop new products, improve product quality and service level, meet the constantly upgrading needs of consumers, and avoid low price competition and product homogenization.

02. No main lighting

The development of mainless lighting is still the second largest trend in the lighting design industry. Mainless lighting design not only expands the visual effect of space, creates light and dark levels, and enriches the home atmosphere, but also has a wide variety of product types, making it the preferred choice for most people's decoration in terms of light but not light and anti glare effects.

The combination of unmanned lights and intelligent control adds a lot of fun to home life, which is highly favored by young people.

03. Health lighting - simulating sunlight (people-oriented)

Lighting can affect the mood and pace of life of residents, and healthy lighting is increasingly valued. Nowadays, lighting products tend to simulate sunlight as much as possible through artificial lighting, creating a good lighting effect for indoor spaces and enhancing the comfort and health of residents. The blue sky lamp has been widely used in recent years, as it can bring a bright feeling under the blue sky and is deeply loved by designers.

In 2024, the newly released Terence Nature Circular Sunlight features PWM infinite dimming and color adjustment function, with a color rendering index of up to 95. It can simulate the color temperature changes of the sun rising and setting. It only has one lamp bead, which can illuminate a beam of light, creating a light and shadow effect, allowing people to feel the feeling of the sun shining into the room from home.

his kind of natural light can effectively alleviate eye fatigue and create a healthy lighting environment for residents.

04. Personalization and Customization

With the development of society and the diversification of consumer demands, personalization and customization have become a common trend in various industries. In lighting design, this trend is equally evident and will continue to lead the industry's development in 2024 and the future.

05. Energy conservation and environmental protection

Against the backdrop of increasing global environmental awareness, energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting design will become an important trend. LED lighting fixtures have better energy-saving effects, not only reducing energy consumption, but also extending the service life of lighting products.

In the design of lighting products, more attention is also paid to the use of environmentally friendly materials, ensuring the lighting effect and quality of lighting products while reducing energy waste.

Sunview Lighting current production the fan lamp following the above Five principles

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